Sunday, July 22, 2012


Despite my earlier vow to not spend every free weekend traveling, I am very much looking forward to exploring Europe during my semester at DIS. When selecting a program for my time abroad, the ability to travel was high on my list of requirements. The integrated study tours were exactly the kind of thing I was looking for so I've signed up for as many as possible.

My dad and I are flying through Reykjavik, Iceland and will be there for a few days before heading on to Copenhagen, Denmark to get me settled in. My long study tour will take me through Amsterdam and Rotterdam in The Netherlands where I'll get to see firsthand how the country is a leader in urban sustainability. During my second travel week in October I'll be in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia; I can't wait to see the Hermitage museum, take an overnight train and experience a culture that is so unique. In November I'll spend a long weekend in Krakow, Poland and will get the chance to see Auschwitz in person. Seeing the camp has been on my bucket list for years and I know it will be a life changing experience. Last but not least, I'll head off to Athens, Greece to fulfill every art history major's dream of getting back to the roots of the art world.

While I do plan to travel on my own some weekends, I think the DIS trips that are integrated with individual classes will be an amazing way to take learning beyond the classroom. There's something incredibly exciting about the prospect of learning about the former USSR or the great Greek artist and then getting to walk through the cities and see the monuments and statues.

When I'm not busy soaking up the Danish culture, I hope to make it to Norway, Sweden and Finland as well (I absoltuely must go to Stockholm and pretend to be Lisbeth Salander for a day). I'm also hoping to go down to Berlin, Paris, and Vienna to meet up with friends. If anyone has any suggestions (or, more importantly) affordable travel websites, I would love to know. It's going to be a busy four months but, hey YOLDO (you only live in Denmark once)!


  1. I'm totally down to go to Stockholm and pretend to be Lisbeth with you while we're in Denmark.

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