Monday, August 6, 2012


Despite the fact that I leave for Iceland in ten days and will be in Copenhagen in exactly two weeks, I'm surprisingly calm. I haven't started packing up my room for the summer. I have a list of clothes I still need to buy and my suitcases are nice and cozy in the basement closet. I'm a little worried that all hell will break loose at the last minute but for now, I'm content with the little piles of sweaters and jeans that are lining my back wall, waiting to be packed.

I'm actually a pro at packing for vacations. I went to Nicaragua for eight days with nothing more than a standard size backpack. I fit more than a week's worth of clothes in to a single carry on suitcase for spring break in Cabo; I had outfits to spare and didn't even get a chance to wear everything I brought. When it comes to trips, I take great pride in my ability to avoid checking bags. But this is exactly the problem; I'm still approaching my semester in Denmark as a vacation.

(This is a 20 gallon tub of just shoes. I recognize that I have a problem)

In trying to wrap my head around moving to Denmark for four months, I can only imagine bringing everything piece of clothing I own. Do I really need five pairs of jeans, every party dress I own and multiple day purses? Well...yeah, I think I do. I mean, I'm going to be living there so why should I spare anything? I have all that and more in DC during the school year so why not schlep it all to Europe?

In reality I know I can't bring everything; I'm going to come back to Georgetown and all my spring skirts and summer sandals will still be here. I think this notion is what's throwing me off: the idea that I'm actually going to miss an entire semester. Georgetown, and life in general, is going to go on even without me here. It may sound ridiculous but I don't want to believe that I'll get back from Denmark and things will be different. My friends who are staying here will still go out without me. Life in DC will carry on and the world on the hilltop will keep spinning in my absence. It may sound vain or selfish, but it's hard to leave my life as Hoyas behind even though I'm thrilled for the semester ahead.

As I start the process of boxing and folding up my life, I keep reminding myself of what's to come. It's ok to change and even though Georgetown will be different when I get back, I'll (hopefully) be a little different too. I also definitely need at least six coats...and no one ever complained about having too many shoes, right?


  1. Donøt worry too much about if you forget something behind. When I was moving to London I started packing less than a week before (I'm like you: carry on for a week etc etc). As I tell my mum: You are not going to the middle of the desert - you can easily buy what you need at the other end...except your favourite American food might find that harder!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I know I can buy stuff there if I need it...I'll be stressed out if it's something important that I've left behind. I'm definitely going to miss my favorite snacks; I guess I'll just have to find new Danish alternatives :)

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