Thursday, December 6, 2012


Like many of my American peers, I've become a pro at procrastinating when I really should be doing work. Thankfully, I just submitted my final paper assignment this morning and have two classes to attend before I'm officially finished with academics for the semester. Crazy right?! Even though I'm basically done, I figured I should share with you some of my favorite Danish songs. Because Hulu doesn't work in Europe and Netflix is limited, I've been turning to YouTube to fill the void during extended study breaks. I've watched everything...Dr. Phil reruns, medical documentaries and weird TLC specials (yes, I've actually sunk to this level of desperation). Despite being embarrassed to admit what I've been watching, I also found some great and entertaining Danish artist to distract you from whatever it is you should be doing. You're Welcome!

Rasmus Thude - Gider Dig Ikke Mer
I don't actually understand this song but Rasmus is adorable. They also filmed this at Tivoli which is right near my apartment.

Specktors - Lågsus
This song is always on at the gym. I can't get over the whole white-boy-rapping thing and their awkward shorts and more awkward dance moves makes this one a real winner.

Christopher - Nothing in Common
He's kind of like the Danish version of Jesse McCartney or J-Biebs. He also works out at my gym which is pretty cool.

Outlandish - Warrior/Worrier
I'd actually heard of this band before I got to Denmark. The guys were born in Copenhagen to immigrant parents.

Nik & Jay - Laekker
Slang for "hot," this old song is still played at all the bars. Watching this will remind you that somewhere, someone was once having a worse style-day than you.