Thursday, July 12, 2012


With just a little more than a month to prepare for Denmark, you'd think I'd be organized in getting everything together. In all honesty, I'm pretty darn organized in everyday life (my closet is quite literally arranged by color as are my bookshelves) but somehow getting my new passport seemed to be the best thing to leave until the very last minute before leaving the country for four months.

(It was an Instagram moment when this finally arrived)

It's my own fault for not renewing it earlier. The line at the post office was too long when I tried in April and I was not in the mood to wait around the second time I went back in May. When a last minute trip to Nicaragua came up a few weeks ago, I had a near meltdown when I realized that though my passport was still valid until September 24th, the airline could deny me boarding rights and I still needed a new one for the fall. 

Naturally I did what anyone would do: I started frantically Googling "super fast emergency expedited passport"(I seriously searched several variations of this)...and I called my mom in a mild panic. Thankfully a similar snafu happened to my dad before a big international trip and he had the name of a 3rd party courier service in Miami who could get me a new passport in 48 hours (proof that money can actually buy you anything). Moral of the story: do things early and FedEx First Priority Overnight shipping is proof that miracles happen and magic exist.

I now have a brand new passport ready to take me all across Europe. Now I need to pack. And buy a good winter coat. I'm not even sure if I have a suitcase yet... 

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