Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I always thought I'd study abroad in college. I sat through hours of college tours and admissions talks when my dad and I embarked on an epic week-long university extravaganza my junior year of high school. We quickly realized that every school--regardless of size, location or rigor--had three points they all wanted us to walk away with:
1. All of their dining halls are superb (lies!)
2. The library is a hoppin' place to be (questionable)
3. An impressive percentage of student study abroad every year (who wouldn't?!)

Maybe I'm lucky that I never had to question if I could go abroad but rather was grappling with when and where. I knew I wanted to go somewhere I'd never been. I'm not fluent enough in a second language to take my classes in anything besides English but I wanted to experience another culture (I apologize to any Aussies or Brits this may offend). You'd be surprise how quickly I was able to narrow down my choices with those few requirements.  

I stumbled across the DIS program in Copenhagen rather reluctantly. After meeting with an advisor about a different program I'd wanted to do (she assured me that the University would most definitely nix my proposal), she handed me a glossy catalog that featured photos of kids jumping in the air with windmills and bicycles in the background. It took me a few days to actually open the handout but after reading it cover to cover and Googling the program online, I was convinced it was perfect.

(image from here)

I arrive in Copenhagen on August 19th for the fall semester after a whirlwind trip through Iceland with my dad. I'll be studying Sustainability in Europe as my core program with a good mix of art and art history courses thrown in as well. I'm already enrolled to tour through Amsterdam, Athens, Krakow, Auschwitz and Rotterdam as part of my classes. I hope you enjoy following my journey through Copenhagen and beyond. 

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