Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm having one of those silly moments where I can't stop smiling no matter how hard I try. This has been a tiring week back in Copenhagen; I didn't really realize how much we did in Amsterdam until I got back to Denmark, had a moment to breath, and went straight in to a busy week with 7am alarms every day so far. Despite being constantly on the go, I can honestly say that I've never been so perfectly happy in my whole life.

We're a week shy of the half way mark and in no way am I ready for this adventure end. Tomorrow I'm spending the day at the Louisiana Museum.  In the next two months, I'm going to Russia, Poland, Austria, Greece, Italy and France (and maybe Turkey, Switzerland or Hungary if I can squeeze it in). I'll be reunited with two friends from high school and two friends from Georgetown in three different countries. Time is flying by and no matter hard I try to stop it, it won't slow down.

(From Denmark to DC, my homes are beautiful!)

I'd be lying if I said I don't miss things about DC but what has me smiling is how excited I am to go back. Don't get me wrong; I'm not homesick and I don't want this semester to end. Even though I'm having the time of my life here in Denmark, I've come to realize just how awesome my life at Georgetown is. I'm so lucky to have such incredible people and projects to go back to. When the time comes, it'll be bittersweet to leave Copenhagen behind but I cannot express how grateful I am to have such wonderful things waiting for me.

Life is simply amazing. I don't know how not to sound sappy or spoiled saying it, but my life is pretty great. The Danish expectation theory is rubbing off on me. I expected to have a great semester but that was far too low a standard for what has happened so far. It's a big world out there and the more you get lost in, the smaller your problems seem and the bigger your happiness grows.

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