Saturday, October 20, 2012


I'm the first to admit it: I really really really like routines. I also really enjoy crafting, color-coding and organizing said routines. For the most part, my OCD tendencies are a good thing. I rarely miss deadlines and am a pro at planning things for the long term in advance. If there's one thing that study abroad has changed about me, it would definitely be my reliance on a set schedule. In fact, I actually have to be reminded that my life must continue in Copenhagen in between traveling and spontaneous jet-setting.

I've gotten very accustomed to my daily routine during the school week, so much so that I occasionally need a reminder that my time here is limited. The downside to being comfortable somewhere is that it's easy to forget that there is still so much more to see outside of your day-to-day comings and goings. Just one glance at my impeccable iCalendar reveals that, excluding travel breaks, I only have about five weeks left in Denmark. That is insane to think about. As excited as I am for my upcoming trips (I leave for Russia tomorrow!), I'm now switching my frame of mind to included Copenhagen as one of these limited-time destinations. Since returning from Amsterdam, I've done some more exploring but there is so much more to see and do.

Culture Night in Copenhagen. We hit up the planetarium and old Carlsberg town.

A Saturday spent exploring the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art just north of the city.

A field trip to the National Museum with my Danish Class (and yes that's me being outfitted in a 19th century corset).

I'm making a list of everything I've yet to do and see in Copenhagen. The goal is to cross at least one thing off everyday that I'm still here. Call me crazy, but the list is only half the fun.

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